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Can ‘We Buy Houses Richmond’ Investors Close Quickly When Purchasing Properties?

November 5, 2018

Who buys houses in Richmond?

Not everyone has the luxury of selling their home on the open market. Many people think that that we buy houses Richmond investors only deal with properties whose owners are facing foreclosure.

There are many other scenarios, however, in which homeowners look to sell to investors. The reason for that is more homeowners in Richmond are starting to discover the benefits of selling quickly for cash.

When you have the patience and the money to wait out the market, the situation can turn out a little differently.

As mentioned, there are situations where homeowners aren’t able to exercise patience, and there are instances where they simply choose not to do so.

The costs that go into selling a home start adding up and people sometimes decide to hit the easy button. What are the costs of selling a home? You’re supposed to be making money, not spending money, right?

Well, take into account the fact that sellers often end up paying the closing costs. Additionally, the real estate agent or agents involved in the sale are going to take a commission, about 6 percent of the proceeds.

That’s just the beginning when it comes to the costs. Do you have any repairs that need to be made to your home?

Some homeowners know that there are costly repairs that need to be addressed, and when going to sell their home, they would rather sell ‘as is’ to investors.

Let’s say, however, that you don’t know of any major repairs that need to be made. There are still going to be costs associated with curb appeal.

And then a home inspector is going to come to your property and look over everything with a fine-toothed comb so to speak. That inspection report could turn up issues that cause potential buyers to make repair requests.

Even minor repair issues add up and tack on to your total costs when selling your home. What about the negotiation? Do you think you’re going to get your asking price?

It happens, rarely, but you’re more likely to have to take some off the top. When it comes to the sales price, there are hands in the cookie jar and costs that work against you.

That doesn’t mean the deposit after the sale won’t be ideal, but you’re not there quite yet. What about the time it takes to get there?

People’s homes sometimes sit on the market for months, even years.

What about mortgage payments?

You also have taxes and insurance to think about.

Future repairs might also come into play, and you might be in a situation where you simply don’t have that much time to wait in order to sell your home.

Now you’re starting to see more about why some homeowners are contacting the we buy houses Richmond investors. Is that the decision you want to make?

Even if you think contacting the investors sounds like a plan, you won’t know if it’s the decision you’re going with until you find the right company and entertain the no-obligation cash offer.

Once you have received a cash offer from the investors, you have the opportunity to negotiate. There might not be much wiggle room, but the experts say that negotiations are possible, sometimes anyway.

You might want to know as well that cash offers are typically made within a 24-hour window of time. You’re going to know what those companies want to pay for your home soon after you call them.

As for the closing of the sale, it usually happens in a month or less. That’s a very conservative estimate on time by the way because some investors claim that they can close in a little as a week or even just a few days.

And you don’t have to do anything. They are buying your home ‘as is’ and will be handling the entire closing process. You do have to sign some papers, but that’s all. There is no cleaning required.

The only part of the process you have to concern yourself with is if the cash offer is good enough for you. If it is, you get to skip the process of listing your property and sell your home quickly for cash.

It sounds like such a simple solution that you are likely hoping that the cash offer you get is exactly what you want to hear.

You’re in search of legitimate investors. When you search for these companies, quite a few options are going to pop up. Keep that in mind because you don’t want to fall prey to fraudulent sites posing as investors.

There are legitimate companies waiting to serve you up a cash offer, so connect with the right people. You might even want to contact more than one company of we buy houses Richmond investors to get multiple cash quotes for your home.

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